For Her Collaboration With John Hardy, Adwoa Aboah Designed Jewelry for All the Women in Her Life


Model and muse to the world over—most recently to the fine-jewelry makers at John Hardy—Adwoa Aboah has now taken to designing the very baubles inwhich she’s photographed. After fronting a campaign for the Bali-based jewelers last fall, she’s launching her own 34-piece AAxJH collection. “I envisioned the girls that I love—my friends, mum, sisters—wearing this jewelry,” she says. The collaboration, as John Hardy creative director Hollie Bonneville Barden explains, unfurled as smoothly as one of the brand’s trademark chains (each woven by the adroit hands of Ubudian artisans using reclaimed metals and ethically sourced stones). Growing up around the corner from a crystal store, Aboah had a wealth of knowledge.“The stones are all tumbled and naturally faceted,” says Bonneville Barden.“When you hold them they give off this power, almost like a talisman.” There’s a bracelet strung with milky rubellite that mimics the effect of a necklace looped triply around your wrist and a necklace with a hematite pendant that flirts with your décolletage. Aboah’s favorite piece? Her Gurls Talk signet rings—named after the female-driven digital forum she cofounded.“That’s who my tribe is,” she says.

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