5 Easy Ways to Transition Your Wardrobe to Fall

Get set for fall with a new bag. And shoes. And a really great sweater.


Welcome to “The Perfect,” ELLE.com’s roundup of all the elements needed for a perfectly outfitted and executed fill-in-the-blank.

Fall used to mean new notebooks, a fresh backpack, and however many three-ring binders your teachers deemed necessary. Now it’s a time to rethink your uniform, swap out summer loves, and start layering. See our favorite autumn finds below, plus a whole new way to shop for designer bags.



Christian Dior Be Dior Bag, $1,255; fashionphile.com

The idea of switching out your bag seasonly starts to seem sensible with Fashionphile’s guaranteed buy-back situation. Upon purchase, the site will tell you how much they’ll buy the bag back for if you sell it within 180 days (70% of whatever you pay).







Tory Burch Wide Wale Cord Blazer, $448; toryburch.com

Corduroy is having a major renaissance this fall. Pants are the most common spot to include some lines, but we love doubling up with the season’s must-have jacket. Classic blazers are always a good layer to ease into chillier weather and feel especially right in a warm cord.







Louis Vuitton Attrape-Rêves, $240; louisvuitton.com

Smell is connected to memory so—ipso facto—switching up your fragrance to confirm that a fresh season upon us makes sense. Look for a bottle that’ll be pretty set on display. Right now we’re into Vuitton’s mix of peony and patchouli (for the scent and the minimalist look)







Margaux Loafer, $275; margaux.com

When it’s time to slip out of your sandals, but not quite boot-weather, the ideal fix is a loafer (and better yet if it’s leopard). A sleek, almond toe is flattering, and the sturdy construction makes it perfect for busy days.









Everlane Cashmere Sweater, $145; everlane.com

Embrace crisp fall weather that lets you get away with wearing some of your springy dresses—so long as you layer them appropriately. The value of a roomy knit can’t be overstated: Pull it on over sundresses and with silky skirts, then live in it with jeans on the weekend.








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